Life’s what you make it :)

01 Sep

I always dreamt of becoming an author and getting my novel published by some famous publishing house since I was 9 or 10. BSB music inspired me initially and so did science & computers. Did schooling in medical stream with C++ as an additional subject. Graduated in basic lifesciences, wherein my brother always wanted me to take up Eng(H). Denied admission into TV today Network for Journalism course and instead took up Masters in Hospital Administration just because I never wanted to go off the track. Came back home after completing my PG. Search for Job was on. Went for an interview which happened to be a PRE job, the fact which I realized while I was being interviewed. My CV was reviewed again. They created a new job position in Corporate Communications for me just because I was passionate for it apart from all the basic things which I’ve done till date in my graduation & post graduation.

Today I am the creator, editor & designer of my monthly in-house company magazine. I handle PR activities, media plans, branding., advertising and a bit of HR. I already know how to handle HRMS. Planning to set up an intranet for my organization. All at the age of 21. People at my workplace ponder over it. They really do.




At my current job I am utilizing each and every skill that I possess, doesn’t matter how diverse they are functionally . Its the kind of job that I always wanted or dreamt of- independent, creative, innovative.

Whenever I discuss media plans, advertising, inhouse magazine etc. with my mom, she always ends up asking – “ye jo tune course kiya hai (hospital administration) usse related kaise hai?

I feel uneasy answering her question because its quite difficult to explain how is it related.  

But one thing that I’ve learnt from my diverse background and experience is that one should always take up his/her passion as a career. Satisfaction comes first, money should always come later. 

Today if I look at myself I can easily say that I am being highly underpaid for whatever kind of work I am doing and I am into currently, but when I look at myself for the second time, I stand proud because of the things that I am doing. I love it. I never though of doing such things. 

All my life I’ve been trying to run away from my passion – thinking I would never be able to realize it because I’m not capable enough of doing it. And now it feels as if I’ve met my passion all over once again. And a tad too bit afraid to lose it all over again. 

I try n give a best shot at everything I do and every task I perform – at work , at home .. But then I’ve always felt that it was not up to anyone else to make me give my best..

I dunno for how long I’ll be able to continue with the job but I’m glad that life gave me an opportunity to realize my passion – this time for entire life.

Don’t you dare to keep yourselves away from what you like doing the best, because life is what you make it, after all 🙂

A few good memories that I would like to share : 







P.S: Don’t know from where did I get this bakwaas to write. Pardon me for grammatical errors.










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2 responses to “Life’s what you make it :)

  1. Tiggu

    September 1, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    Lot and lot of catching up to do, Piggu. So much has happened, I didn’t have any clue. All the best! You will get whatever you want in life 🙂


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